Company Description

Traveloka is a technology company based in Jakarta, Indonesia. Founded in 2012 by ex-Silicon Valley engineers and aims to revolutionize human mobility with technology. Today Traveloka is expanding its reach by operating in seven countries and experimenting with new endeavors that will create large impact in the markets and industries we touch.

Job Description

Software Engineering iOS is at the forefront of enabling and building high-performing mobile products in Traveloka. Get involved in various projects to build applications or systems, optimize existing systems, or build tools to extract insight from a large amount of data. You will learn real-world software engineering, product development, and industry practices––and have fun while you’re at it!


  • Budding passion in software engineering, product development, or systems
  • Substantial knowledge of software engineering concepts and programming skills
  • Curious to learn new things and explore creative solutions
  • Pursuing an S1 degree in Computer Science or equivalent from a reputable university
  • Preferred but not required: participating in competitive programming or other technology or product competition

Additional Information

Join our ambitious growing team in building large impact consumer products and services, building real-time and big data systems and platforms, coming up with creative solutions to business and engineering problems, deriving insights from massive amount of data, and transforming industries with technology.

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