Company Description

Traveloka is a Southeast Asian internet unicorn focused on travel and mobility. Currently valued at over $4B USD after 6 years, we're rapidly expanding in the region and globally. The Data Team at Traveloka has had enormous growth over the past year and requires a Data Scientist focusing on ranking and Recommendations to help us drive impact through putting better choices in front of our customers and ensuring choices, content, and information is relevant, useful, and profitable for our customers. The Data Team comprises a large, diverse team of engineers, analysts, data scientists, machine learning engineers, and product managers and the Platform, Data Science, Machine Learning and AI, and Analytics groups for the organization.

Job Description

Software engineering at Traveloka is the steward of technological components that make Traveloka work. As a Software Engineer, you will design, build, and operate the systems that train and serve our machine learning models. You will collaborate with Data Analysts and/or Data Scientists in designing, refining, and implementing algorithms and in systems development. 

Key technologies you will be working with on a daily basis are Kubernetes, Kafka/Pubsub, Redis/Memorystore, Airflow/Cloud Composer, BigQuery, Spark, and TensorFlow.



  • Design, build, and operate 
    • APIs that serve our machine learning models
    • systems that train our models
    • systems that monitor and log our models’ performance
  • Set the standards, establish guidelines, and impose design patterns
  • Ensure the systems are well structured, unit- and integration tested, well maintained, and capable of serving 1000+ requests per second with low latency
  • Make appropriate choices of platform components (languages, libraries, queuing systems, datastores, processing, application servers, etc).
  • Operationalise logging, metrics, and alerting
  • Lead incident responses, perform root cause analysis, and resolve issues in all tiers of the system
  • Share knowledge by mentoring, pairing, and collaborations 


  • Masters’ degree in Computer Science or equivalent experience
  • 3+ years of working experience in building production grade (REST) APIs, serverless services, and handling job orchestration
  • Excellent software engineer with deep understanding of software engineering concepts, design patterns, and algorithms
  • Expert knowledge of at least one of the programming languages Python, Go, Scala, or Java
  • Proficiency with git, CI/CD, and deployment automation
  • Good knowledge of SQL and databases
  • Curious to explore creative solutions and try new things
  • We work mostly on GCP – experience with GCP's systems (Kubeflow, Big Query, Big Table, Data Flow, etc.) is highly preferred 

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