Team introduction

Launched in 2012, Lazada Group has grown rapidly to include over 4.900 full-time employees in the region, with eCommerce operations in Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam and a sourcing center in China that drives cross-border marketplace activities, Lazada helps more than 80,000 local and international sellers as well as 2,500 brands serve the 560 million consumers in the region through its marketplace platform, supported by a wide range of tailored marketing, data, and service solutions. Lazada offers an excellent customer experience through a wide network of logistics partners and its own first- and last-mile delivery arm.Revolutionizing the way customers shop in Southeast Asia and perform online transactions across the region, Lazada has reached an online footprint of approximately 6 million unique daily visits to its websites, and the largest Facebook community in Southeast Asia with over 16.5 million fans. Lazada Group owns the biggest and the most efficient technology driven logistics and fulfilment ecosystem in the region – Lazada eLogistics. With 11 own warehouses, 5 sorting centers, 78 last-mile hubs we are ensuring 48 hours delivery of more than 6 million orders every month. Our warehouses cover more than 115 thousands of square miles and it takes less than 2 hours to process every order even during massive sales campaigns. Having our own cross-border operator helps us connect more than 100 million of customers and businesses from all over Asia. Our transportation is driven by our own Lazada Express delivery fleet which, together with more than 80 third-party logistics, guarantees high quality 48 hours delivery. All of that would be impossible without sophisticated IT systems, which are being developed and expanded in-house by one of the most experienced and agile tech teams in Southeast Asia!

Job description

1. Responsible for algorithm R&D of Lazada Search Technology Team in Singapore Office: develop new algorithms for improving search/recommendation revenue, and quality of the whole e-commerce ecosystem;2. Responsible for upgrading our personalized search/recommendation retrieval & ranking algorithms & Supply Chain Optimization & Control Theory & Merchant Date Analysis Platformgrowth of the buyers, sellers and Lazada platform; applying deep learning, reinforement learning, and transfer learning technology to solve various search & recommendation problems;3. Responsible for building an intelligent business analysis & decision platform: design and implement the large-scale data statistics, analysis, prediction algorithms to help merchants make wiser business decisions, and to make the operating of the ecosystem more intelligent.4. Responsible for building a NLP platform for minor language such as Thai Language, Indonesian Language, Malay Language and etc, to improve the quality of search relevance.

Job requirements

1. Master or PhD degree in computer science, game theory, operations research, statistics, or equivalent fields;2. Solid theoretical foundations and industry experiences in machine learning, personalized search & recommendation, user/seller behavior modeling, sales prediction, supply chain optimization, marketing algorithm, large scale data analysis/platforms. Expertise in deep learning, reinforcement learning, explore & exploit algorithms, control theory is preferred;3. Solid programming skills in C++, Python; Experience in distributed computing environments such as BSP、MPI、Parameter Server, Tensorflow, Caffe is preferred.4. Passionate about technology, demonstrated ability to generate new ideas and innovations; Excellent in self-learning, problem analyzing and solving; Proactive, strong teamwork spirit and communication skills. Fluent English communication is necessary, fluency in minor language can be a plus.

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