Get to know the Role:

What is the right price for a Grab Car from Setiabudi to Tangerang? How much more effort is Grab Food vs Grab Bike? You will answer questions like these - the analytical strategy and methods you use will be up to you. This could involve sophisticated statistical techniques, straightforward spreadsheet analysis, creating dashboards, running experiments or interviews and surveys. You will quality assure, summarise and present your results. Your stakeholders will rely on accuracy, speed and clarity to make important business decisions.

The day-to-day activities:

In an example working week you could be:

  • Explaining economic theory at a whiteboard to business decision makers.

  • Running SQL queries of a huge database and then using statistical software to analyse the data.

  • Setting up randomised field experiments with samples sizes of hundreds of thousands.

  • Creating a financial model to simulate and scenario plan budgets of millions of dollars.

  • Investigating the cause of fluctuations in important business metrics.

  • Brainstorming, debating and prioritising new products and features with a world-class product team.

  • Interviewing passengers and drivers to learn about their daily routines and pain points.

  • Travelling to other countries in Southeast Asia to learn from colleagues about how they have solved similar challenges.

The must haves:

3+ years of work experience in Economics or related fields.

You must enjoy talking about and debating the merits of economic theories and their application to our marketplace. If you don’t ‘love’ economics, this isn’t the job for you.

Be a self-motivated, independent learner, curious to learn more about topics you are unfamiliar with

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