Company Description

Traveloka is a Southeast Asian internet unicorn focused on travel, discovery, and mobility. Currently valued at over $4B USD after 6 years, we're rapidly expanding in the region and globally. The Data Team comprises a large, diverse team of engineers, analysts, data scientists, machine learning engineers, and product managers, making up the Platform, Experimentation, Data Science, Machine Learning and AI, and Analytics groups for the organization. We enable Traveloka to experiment and innovate. As the Experimentation team, we are at the core of product development. We build and run the scientific platforms for experimentation, and we guide the product teams to ensure scientific rigour and valid analyses. 

Job Description

As a Data Scientist for Experiments you contribute to Traveloka’s success by championing and practising a rigorous experimentation culture that influences the entire product development life cycle. You will be a key driver in evidence-driven product development through experimental design, statistical modelling, and optimization techniques. You will be working closely with various product teams on the design, measurement and analytical approach. 

You will be responsible for:

  • Translating business questions into a positivist research paradigm: testable hypotheses, clear metrics, and predefined acceptance criteria. Asking the tough questions, identifying what is critical, and challenging assumptions
  • Selecting the appropriate statistical tests for the experimental outcomes and conducting the actual statistical analysis
  • Managing and owning the entire experimentation process, from consulting the product owners, guiding UX specialists and user researchers, to designing and conducting the experiments, analysing the results, and communicating findings
  • Working with your team to build the next generation of Traveloka’s Experimentation Platform
  • Mentoring others in experimental design and causal inference techniques

Working in Traveloka:

  • You will work in cross-functional teams and meet great people regularly from top-tier technology, consulting, product, or academic backgrounds
  • We work in an open environment where there are no boundaries or power distance 
  • Everyone is encouraged to speak their mind, propose ideas, influence others, and continuously grow themselves
  • Get the exposure to multi-aspect, collaborative, intensive startup experience with our recent expansion into Southeast Asia and exploration of new products
  • You present your work at conferences and contribute to the industry as a whole by publishing articles and reports


Minimum Qualifications

  • Bachelors/Masters/PhD degree from top universities in a quantitative field, including  the quantitative social/behavioral sciences (Psychology, Sociology, Statistics, Econometrics, Mathematics, etc.)
  • Knowledge of experimental design, such as completely randomised designs, factorial designs, and randomised block designs
  • Deep understanding of the relevant statistical concepts (frequentist and Bayesian)
  • Hands-on experience conducting ANOVA/GLM analyses, stratified sampling, and statistical power calculations using computer simulations
  • Experience in data extraction and transformation using SQL and/or Spark
  • Experience in tools such as Python and R
  • Solid analytical and problem-solving skills to create data-driven insights
  • Knowledgeable in identifying and dealing with confounding variables

Preferred Qualifications

  • Experience in a broad range of quantitative research methods
  • Good understanding of random and mixed effects models
  • Good understanding of surface response methodology and other forms of optimization techniques
  • Prior experience in working with unstructured data and log/tracking data
  • Good understanding of the Google Cloud Platform and some of its tools
  • Prior experience in designing multi-armed bandits systems 

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